Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 11 – A Bit of Positive Progress

This week David quotes a couple movies, though I’m not sure why.  And apparently he says he like’s Sarah’s cookies best.  Mom will never make him cookies again….

Subject of this week’s email:  “*sigh*. How’s it goin’ tire.”

Well this week went pretty dang fast. Really, there’s one more week in this change. That’ll be my second change done, which means about three months in the field. Really, that’s fast.

First, let me say that all holidays here are completely disappointing. Halloween exists here, but it was basically two or three kids running around in masks asking everyone for candy. Seriously, only two or three kids. And for some reason everyone likes to throw fireworks all the time, so that’s what most of the kids did. Except when I say fireworks, I mean those ones that you buy and look like a tank or something and then you’re all excited to set it off and it does something stupidly small for like two seconds and you feel ripped off. That’s all the fireworks they have here. Really it’s pathetic, and it’s funny because the kids don’t believe us when we tell them that they’re small fireworks. We also do have a day called the day of the dead, but it’s on November 2, which is tomorrow. Basically everyone just goes to the cemetery to decorate graves, and since everyone goes there, people set up shops there. And since the cemetery is on the end of our street, it’s hard to get home because there’s tons of little stands set up. I’ll have to send pictures next week. I don’t have any from this week. Sorry!

“You were supposed to be a colossus. You were this great legendary thing! And yet he gains.”

I couldn’t find a good spot for that, so there it is.

Stacey said something about my English deteriorating, and I’m a little surprised. I felt kind of bad because I thought I hadn’t deteriorated at all, and you would all be mad, but maybe I’m just not noticing. Sweet. I’ve been dreaming in Spanish, though, which is cool. Actually it’s in English and Spanish. Like we switch mid sentence, which is funny because that’s what I do with the gringo elders.

By the way, the keyboard I’m using is awful, so if this is short, that’s why.

So in just about every email I got I heard about Mom scrapbooking. I guess that’s big. Congrats, Mom! It sounds like fun, and you’ll have to send me some samples so I know what you’re up to.

I also heard a bunch that my Facebook is all safe and sound, which I’ll trust you on, but it’s weird. I can’t get on Facebook, because there’s rules against that, but I had another member search for me and they couldn’t find me, and I had them look up Sarah and search her friends and I wasn’t there either, so I figured you just erased me. Weird. Maybe I’ll have to have them check again.

“Goodnight Wesley. Sleep well. Good work. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

Alright. This last week was rough again. We ended up not teaching a ton of lessons because we had some meetings in San Salvador again, which were fun. We kept losing investigators, too. Like one of them is the friend of the sister of a recent convert, and she’s been looking for a church, and she was super involved in our lessons, and we could feel the spirit, and she had been reading and everything, and at the end of our last lesson with her she was just like, “Oh, and my family has kind of forbidden me from talking to you guys again.” Oh. Okay.

On a brighter note, we have been teaching this lady named Carmen, who apparently has been talking to the missionaries for years and nothing ever happened. Her husband is one of the counselors in our bishopric and her kids are all super active in the church, but she never did anything. But on Sunday she came to church, which is sweet because we didn’t even invite her yet. We were going to wait until next week for that one. Sweet. Hopefully we’ll see some progress there and get her family ready to head to the temple.

Oh, and nothing has happened with Henry and Will. I think they had their trial, but they’re still in prison. That’s rough.

And Jorge got super sick and couldn’t be baptized last week, so we’re hoping for this week.

Mostly this last week we’ve been visiting a lot of less active members and part member families, because the President really wants us to baptize families that can go to the temple together, and part member families are perfect for that. We really need more investigators, though.

Oh! I also got a package on Wednesday, and that was sweet. Thanks everyone! I also tried and judged the cookies, and I did it honestly without knowing whose is whose. My favorite ones were the ones that were like perfectly circular and big, and they were peanut-buttery with little chips of something in them, but I don’t know what. Also, Sarah’s were my favorite, in case those weren’t hers... :) But they were all great. And I think all the Pringles are gone already, and I’ve got a massive bag of candy waiting for me when I get home. Sweet.

But just for future reference, if you send me food again, make sure it’s packaged well. There were a few dozen ants I had to kill inside the box. I told you, they’re everywhere here. In fact, I don’t know why, but if we leave the lid off our water jugs they like to climb inside and just swim around or something. Like lemmings.

That’s about all I can think of writing. This week I’ll have some more sweet experiences to tell you all about, so it’ll be good. Oh, and all of you should ask Sarah what I told her to start arguing with you about, because she failed that homework assignment. And the assignment of sending me some kind of info about how to avoid getting fat on my mission, because I think I am. Mom, I figure you’re the expert on that, so send me whatever food eating thing you have.

Alrighty, it’s that time again. Steven, I feel like you’re probably really bored now that football season is over. Oh well. That’s all I have about that. Michael, volleyball is sweet. And it sounds like dad is still keeping you busy. Keep it up. Julie and Dave, you’re getting ready and such, which of course is good, and I’m glad you got the Stacey thing on video. Stacey and Kyle, I can’t believe you’re going to have a baby that soon. That’ll come really, really fast. But be careful. I would hate for Kyle’s schedule to be interfered with. Lindsay and Mike, I hear you’re all split up and Lindsay won’t get off the computer with Mom. That’s ridiculous. But fun, too. And Emily and Dave, I’m glad Halloween was fun and you got to take the girls to that party. It sounds like they had a blast. Mom, I feel like I failed, because your present is still kind of half done. I feel like I want to do it really well, though, because I’ve only got one shot at surprising you with this. Not even Dad or the family knows what it is, so that’s sweet. Just know it’ll come when it’s ready. It may end up being a Christmas gift, though, just because I have no time to do it. Sorry in advance! I feel bad. And Dad, go buy something nice for Mom from me because I feel bad. And thanks, as always, for the updates. And the advice. I’m definitely going to try that more in my life here, and hopefully I will be more successful.

Thanks again everyone! I love you all!

Elder David Arrington

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