Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 12 in Atiquizaya – Not feeling well!

This email kind of surprised me in that it arrived a little earlier than most.  I think that might be related to the time change.  In fact, I was still writing a message to David, like I do most Monday mornings, when his arrived.

Sadly David is pretty sick.  Hopefully that won’t last long.  I’ve been through that as a missionary, too. It is not fun.

This email begins with the subject:  “Wow.  I guess I’m in trouble” presumably because we pressed him for some answers.  So often when we ask questions he never seems to respond to our questions.  Lots of answers this time, though! 

Honestly when I’ve been writing I’ve completely forgotten about the questions you guys ask. But before I delve into there, let me just assure you all that I had absolutely no idea whose cookies were whose, so that’s a fair win for Sarah. And Mom, I love your molasses cookies, so don’t even joke about not sending me more.

Alright. I just remembered you guys asking about my watch, so I’ll tell that story really fast. In the MTC I always wore the second watch we bought right before I left, and it was great. I love that watch. But then the battery died, and I took the back off to replace it, and the back of that thing is completely impossible to put back on. It just won’t fit how it should. So there you go. That one doesn’t work. So I was going to use the other one we got, which I did for a few days, and then a few of my district elders went out and bought these really cheap watches from the bookstore, almost as a joke. Most of them literally lasted less than a day or two. Elder Millett bought four of them and all of them broke within two days. Seriously cheap. So I bought one, and it’s lasted me half of the MTC and two changes out here. So really I’m only using it until it finally breaks.

So Mom, yeah go ahead and vote for me. I kind of forgot to say that. But the temple should be dedicated sometime next year. We don’t know when, but we just heard something about the prophet saying it needs to be bigger and better, so they have to take the angel Moroni off and put it back on later. When the prophet wants something done...

So things over here have been fairly quiet. Like I said, we had a few meetings in San Salvador last week, which we do every once in a while, which means a two hour bus ride. Not incredibly ideal, but we do it. We had one more this week. It was good. We learned a lot that we’ve been applying in our lessons, and we’ve been noticing a difference.

As far as our investigators go, things aren’t great. We haven’t been able to actually talk to the ones that we thought were positive, and we’re not making much progress with the other ones. I think more than anything we just need to find more people. We have been walking from appointment to appointment all day without talking to more than two or three people, sometimes. Just nobody is there. However, we are teaching a lady named Carmen whose entire family are members, and a man named Rafael with the same situation, and we really want to get them ready for baptism. This month our goal is two baptisms. That may sound low, but it’s more than I’ve ever gotten in a month, and that’s how many we need to reach the zone goal. We’ll do it, though, if we work hard.

By the way, changes came in last night. I’m staying here with Elder Wardlow, and Elder Gonzalez is, too. Elder Winters is heading to Santa Ana, though, and that’s really sad. He’s a great guy. Crazy, but great. It’ll be weird not having him around. Also, this probably means that I’ll get changed next time, which will stink because changes are three days before Christmas. So I’ll be in a brand new area for the holidays. That’ll be rough.

Alright, I’m running out of things to say. I am sick. Like, really sick. I probably won’t be able to go out and work today, and maybe tomorrow. Hopefully, though, I’ll get over this fever fast so I can get back to work.

Thanks again for everything. I love reading your emails and seeing pictures and stuff. Which reminds me; Michael, you’re a stud. You look good. And I mean real good. Keep it up.

And as for the rest of you, I expect you’re all looking good as well. Thanks for the notes you send me every week. They really are exciting to read. And did you guys realize that I’m less than one change away from being a fourth of the way through my mission? Crazy.

Thanks again, and I love you all!
Elder David Arrington

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