Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 10 in Buena Vista

Here’s a much more complete letter.  We love hearing mucho information from David (note the weak attempt at Spanish?).  No pictures this week, but David hints that he isn’t feeling particularly well this week.  Hopefully he’ll be back up to full strength soon!

Subject:  "I... miss him very much." "Oh one more time!" (rewinds) "I... miss him very much."

That is such a fantastic movie. I love it. And I was thinking about it lately because I still haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet.

One quick note so that I don't forget: Dad, it seems that Sarah has changed her email address and is trying to find a way to save all of the emails that we've sent to each other and that she's gotten from school and such. So she's been sending them to Microsoft Word documents. Do you think you could help her set up a quick POP3 account to copy them all straight to the computer? That would be so much easier. Sarah, if he doesn't do it, call him and make him do it. Nicely.

And yes, I definitely was laughing because I know a way better way to do that :)
It seems like Sarah keeps getting more and more involved in our family. Huh. I'm not complaining.

I also just tried to go to the website for Lindsay's new business, but it must be down or something. I couldn't get to it by explorer or firefox. Maybe next week. I am kind of curious to see what my sister is doing with my business. Well, partially my business. I own a company!
The week was fairly good, and fairly bad, and has ended kind of horrible. Yesterday we were fasting, and those are always super slow days. But we were also walking around everywhere, since nobody was home. So we didn't teach much, and we didn't have energy. Last night, we ate dinner with a recent convert, and something didn't work right. Last night I couldn't sleep, and this morning I had to stop by the bathroom every couple minutes. Just during my bucket shower I had to stop and use the toilet three times. And I almost threw up a couple times. In addition, my whole body aches right now and I'm just kind of in super pain. Is this what being old is like? If it is, I vote against ever growing up. Did I agree to that before coming to earth? I doubt I would have signed up if I had read THAT fine print. But it looks like my sarcasm is passing by unscathed, so all is well. My comp and one of my ZLs are going to give me a blessing when I finish writing.

A couple weeks ago I might have mentioned that we were starving in church, so we passed around a calendar in the Relief Society to basically ask for dinners. We also said that we wanted to use that as a way to get to know people's friends in a comfortable atmosphere. We came up with the idea because of a couple RMs who told us that they did that in their countries and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner free every day. What did we get? Mutton. A few people signed up for this last week, and the appointments were all awesome. One was with the Branch President and his wife, I think because they felt bad that nobody had signed up, and it was awesome. The family they invited bailed, so they literally walked across the street five minutes before the dinner and invited a random family to come. And it was great. By these dinners we also got a couple inactives to come to church, and we found a few other investigators. So we shared that success on Sunday in RS, and guess how many signed up? Not one. So, while that tactic seems to work well in every ward except ours, it apparently is less effective here. I guess we'll fend for ourselves again.

"They take you to the lab. And that sounds bad."

I don't know where that came from. But there it was.

Oh, also I got to go back to San Salvador this week. I am apparently illegal, so we went to fix that. It was a long drive there, and then when we got there Elder Maradiaga decided that we should do mine on Tuesday instead, so I did absolutely nothing and get to go back on Tuesday. It was fun to see everyone that I used to work with in the distribution center when I was in the office, though.

Oh, and the reason we didn't have time on Friday when I went is because I had to be back by 1:00 for a baptism. I had interviewed this guy named Santos in the ward Panamericano, and he asked me to baptize him. I'll send pictures next week since I forgot my cable in my sickness.

And I was going to mention something about the trip to El Salvador. It surprises me that El Salvador is really dangerous for tourists. I still haven't gotten robbed (except on the bus and in my own house), and I walk around all the time looking like a super-tourist. I've never heard of the families that come to pick up their missionaries having any problems, but if you want to hire some kind of guide I'd say go for it. Except that the guide won't help you go visit some of my converts or families :)

Speaking of which, I still am kind of curious about what I'll be able to do in between my release here and my release there. If we can, I'd like to head down to a couple beaches maybe, but this one specifically where there is some super huge, super nice coral reef where you can go scuba diving. I'd be down for it, since we'll be here anyway. Maybe someone could ask President Fotheringham for me? As far as I understand, once the President here interviews me, my Stake President is responsible for me. And I know him pretty well, as it turns out.
My comp isn't sick. He's the new guy. That doesn't seem fair.

Did all of that talk about when you all come down make me sound baggy? I don't think I am *cough* seven months left *cough* at all.

And just so that I don't forget, I was going to mention that I used a little money from the card you gave me to buy lunch once or twice and buy some new soccer shoes since the ones I have are falling apart. My bad.

Thanks for the emails, by the way. Julie sent some pretty dang good pictures, by the way. I like the pumpkin eating the pumpkin. Cannibalism, anyone?

Mom, thanks for the review of the last year. It looks like you were, indeed, quite busy. And I'm proud to say that I was way out of your way for the whole thing. Doesn't that deserve some kind of prize?

OH! I have forgotten for three or four weeks straight already, so I'm really glad I just remembered. If you're getting a Christmas package together, I would definitely enjoy getting one of those prank pens that shocks you when you try to use it. People borrow my pens all the time, so the possibilities are endless. Especially since they're Latins, so they wouldn't see it coming at all. Was that racist?

Dad, your email was a little bit less football-filled than I would have liked, but I can't really blame that on you. Thanks for the update on the deal with Lindsay, and everything that's been going on.

And Sarah emailed me. But I refuse to tell you if a letter is on its way or not.

Thanks again for everything! I love you all!

Elder David Arrington

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