Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 8 in Buena Vista

I’ve learned that it’s not actually Buena Vista, though I think that is the “neighborhood.”  It’s actually Chalchuapa which is about 10 miles outside Santa Ana and about halfway to Atiquizaya, David’s first city.  That being said, I’ll leave it as Buena Vista.  That’s easier to pronounce.

New rules this week….

Subject:  What about my carpet?

Okay. First I have to explain something that will inevitably make some people very sad. And I'm sure we know who that specific person is. Sorry, Sarah.

Due to the now eight missionaries that have been sent home, President has decided to tighten a few of the rules. The biggest ones that you'll all be interested in refer to our emails. We now only have 45 minutes to email, as opposed to the hour/hour and a half before. We also may not email anybody except family members. I personally talked to President about that and this is what he said: We may write to immediate family only. However, if we would like, we can send that email to non-family members. We also may receive email from other people, as long as we do not respond with personalized emails to them. Everything must go through the family. So mostly for Sarah, being the only non-family person I have written to: I love getting the emails and highly encourage them, but I will have to respond to them by hand. Sorry. Those dang missionaries ruined it for the rest of us.

And don't worry, I definitely will be sending at least one letter off soon in response to the quite entertaining letter that I got this week.

Also, I have a better way to write, now. Instead of reading all of my emails here, I print them first and then have almost the entire time to respond. Hopefully I'll still get some decent emails out. Today was a little bit different, though, since Dad sent his email late. So I had to stop and read it. (I enjoyed it, though)

By the way, is the address of the new server the same? I just went to and it didn't work...

Okay. This week was good, but very tiring. I also gave a talk on Sunday, and as a missionary I've gotten pretty good at that. I can come up with a topic, a few scriptures, a really general outline, and talk really comfortably about all of it. In Spanish, even. Who knew?

My comp just told me that this will actually kick me off at 45 minutes now, so I have to be careful about this. But it may end abruptly.

We've finally been getting a couple investigators in church, which is pretty awesome. The one that has come twice now is named Griselda. Her biggest difficulty is that her husband is not too thrilled about her going to church. She's progressing, but we haven't talked much about her getting married yet, either. Just enough to know that it's going to be tough.

We were at our washing lady's house the other day, and out of nowhere I decided to invite this one girl that lives there to church, because I thought that she might be inactive. It turns out that she never got baptized, she really, really wants to, her husband also wants to, and they want to get married. The problem that they had before is that she is from Honduras and they couldn't get her birth certificate, but now they have it. Now the biggest problem is that he, Rodolfo, works in Guatemala and only comes back to El Salvador every twenty days. He just got back, so we reviewed everything with him. He's super great, knows all of the doctrine, and is ready. He even has a daughter on a mission in Chile. But since he can only come back every twenty days, the date is set for the third of December. Kind of far out, but oh well. I'm content. God is awesome.

My comp and I get along great. He's pretty hilarious, but he's not big on movie quotes. It makes for some kind of weird moments where I'll quote something hilarious, and he'll respond to it as if I had just been talking, or he just won't get it. And then I have to explain it. Oh well. I guess not everyone communicates by movie quotes.

Mom, you asked if I got the package with the hymnal. Yes, and I already gave it to Elder Huaman, who is actually in my zone again now that he left the office. Thanks for that, by the way. He liked it, and started laughing pretty good that I had actually gotten him one.

So I guess that's where I leave it all. Me and Elder Adams are working great together, and we get to the house every night super tired. And we do some quirky, funny things together, like buy a lot of pupusas (that's not bad at all, nor quirky, but we do) and paint tops (mine turned out pretty good, I'm not going to lie. Pictures next week!)

I just got a two minute warning, so I'd better get this off. Thank you Dad, Mom, Julie, and Sarah for your emails! I love you all!

Elder David Arrington

PS: With ten seconds to spare...

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