Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 9 – Hot Water Feels GOOD!

The big story this week is that David fixed the shower.  Who would have thought?  Oh, and the iPod arrived.  Now all we need is a picture!

I just really don’t know what to say about this week. Not very eventful. Oh, wait, I just remembered stuff.

First of all, I’ve been keeping my journal faithfully every day for my entire mission, and since I’m OCD about a few things, I wanted to have the same looking journals for all of my mission. So I figured out how many I’d need, and bought five in the MTC. I’m almost done with one. However, I also want to keep using the same kind of pen for the whole thing, because the ink looks a certain way, and I like it, but all six of my pens are just about dead. So the last few days I’ve had to rotate through the pens one at a time writing only a few words before the ink would run out. I need to buy myself some new pens. Sorry, that story was lame.

Here’s one that’s not, though! I HAVE HOT WATER!!! Yeah, that’s no less than THREE exclamation points. Basically, the house we live in is wired to have a hot water showerhead thingy that heats up the water, and all you have to do is flip the circuit breaker on the wall. But the showerhead we had was all rusted and disintegrated inside, so the heating coil broke. I finally decided to fix it, so I took it to a guy who told me I had to go to Ahuachapan and buy a new inside thingy for it, which would be like eight bucks. And then Elder Gonzalez threw the showerhead away when I wasn’t paying attention. So I just went to a store here and bought a new one for fifteen bucks. Hot. Water. Feels. GOOD. But here’s a riddle for you all to solve: I’ll likely get transferred to a house without this circuitry in the walls and such, so would there be a way to install this in those houses and connect the wiring to a light socket or something? Or maybe have some kind of car battery? That’s a problem you can all work on solving for me.

As for our area, not much has changed. Our investigators haven’t been progressing at all, and we really haven’t been able to find most of them to teach. But we did just find like fifteen new investigators, which is sweet. I hope they turn into something. We were supposed to have a baptism last week, but he didn’t show up for his interview, so we’re hoping for this week. Man this work can be tough. But it’s satisfying, too.

Sorry, that’s about all the interesting stuff that happened this week with our work. It’s mostly just been teaching who we can find, and walking a lot trying to find people. Wow. That sounds rather depressing. But I’m sure this week will go better. We’ve got some pretty sweet plans set up for our new investigators.

Well that’s about all I have time for, now. My ZL’s, who write with us, are pushing me to get off. Oh, really fast, though, I just remembered something rather important: I got my iPod! That was a very, very exciting time for me, let me tell you. I’ve been stoked all week. The music you all put on there was fantastic. Seriously, it’s amazing. I love it! Thank you everyone! And thanks, Dad, I guess, for putting all your Contacts on there? I guess now if I need to get a hold of Bishop Dungan, I can just look up his phone number or email?

Thanks, everyone, for your emails. As always, I loved getting them. I had heard a little about the Chile thing, by the way. A few members here were watching the news while we were over, so I got a little of the story. Crazy stuff. And I saw the football video. Steven, great work. Keep it up, and that coach will have no choice but to play you. And then you’ll get drafted. I didn’t hear much about how work is going for Michael, but I hope you’re still having fun and getting a ton of money from it. It sounds like a great job. Have fun, too. And I don’t have time to personalize something to all of the girls, but I love you all, and your emails always make me LOL out loud. It’s good to hear your lives are good and you’re all preparing for babies or moving back to Utah. And Mom and Dad, your emails are probably the highlight. I think it’s because you’re my parents, but really, they’re great to get. I love you all, and pray for you all the time!

Elder David Arrington

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