Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michael Arrives in Antananarivo

Michael left the MTC on Monday 10/22 and arrived in Antananarivo Madagascar on Wed the 24th.  The previous post shows his itinerary.  I tracked the flights pretty much the whole way.  Although he had a couple delays, he had enough layovers that he didn’t have any trouble getting there.  But we really had no way of knowing if he actually got ON the flights.

The trip took forever.  Salt Lake to Chicago, to London, to Johannesburg, to Antananarivo.  All with long layovers in London and Chicago.  That’s a lot of travel time with no sleep.

We received the following letter from his Mission President after he arrived.  Whew!  Now we know he arrived ok!  It also gives us information about his first assignment and his companion.

Arrington letter to parents_Page_1

Arrington letter to parents_Page_2

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