Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 14 in Buena Vista

David and Elder Adams apparently ran out of money for a few days.  Hungry missionaries?  That said, some good progress is being made by investigators.  No pictures this week apparently because of a corrupted USB drive….

David sent a quick request for a copy of a family picture, which I sent.  The picture is for the Christmas slide show.  Funny thing is, we already had such a request from the mission office, and sent a copy to them.  Where’d that one go?

Subject: “You don't think we'll get in trouble for this, do you?"  "No, not a chance!"

I've been reading in the Bible lately, and it's really kind of
interesting. I just read the story of Moses the other day. Good stuff.
That was a little random.

Okay, a lot happened this week. Let's see if I can remember all of it.
On Monday we didn't buy much since we were still out of money. My comp
was worse than I was. So after writing we kind of just went home. But
then we had to head over after a few hours for a surprise birthday
that we had helped plan for this kid named Carlos who helps us all the
time. He's the really tall guy with glasses, in case I've already sent
a picture of him. I think I might be able to upload one if I haven't.
It was a great party. And we made lasagna.

Tuesday we had a really great day. We taught a bunch of lessons, and
at this point are just finalizing our plans with Olga for her wedding
and baptism this weekend. It's been an interesting experience with
them since the we've had to basically do battle with some mission in
Honduras to get her birth certificate. And even now we aren't
completely sure if we will have it on time. But we have faith.

We also have been having great success with less actives. There have
been a couple less active families that we've been teaching, and
suddenly all of them are starting to come back to church. It's like
they just needed us to push them a little bit, and now they're back. I
hope it's for good.

We also had a family night lesson Tuesday with the Delgado family,
which is the family that I completed a couple months ago with Alba.
They're always pretty fun, but I think that we need to come up with
some more involving games for them. They're really quiet.

On Wednesday, we finally got money. So obviously we spent a little bit
of time in the morning after district meeting and zone meeting to go
buy some food and some other stuff that we needed to do Monday, but
were too poor to actually do. Like buy a Christmas tree. Necessities,
like that.

Dang it. It looks like my USB that had all of my pictures and
everything just instantly got corrupted by this computer. That's
stupid. I still have my other USB, though, that has a lot of the
pictures, but there may be a few that I didn't have backed up on the
home server or the other USB. That's really kind of lame, but mostly
it's just stupid because I was supposed to send a few pictures for the
Christmas Multizone Slideshow just now. I guess THAT's not happening.
And I basically used up all of my time trying to figure out how to fix
it, so now I am just about out of time. Let's see if I can sum
everything up really fast.

We went to the temple on Friday, and it was awesome. I'll have to send
you pictures next week. The temple here is crazy nice. And we had a
Spanish session, which was great. We also had a bunch of other
meetings this week for training and stuff. They were kind of boring,
but that's mainly why I said we had a lot that happened. Oh, and due
to our genius we had like three pupusa dinners this week. And we have
another tonight. Except that my comp is informing me right now that
that will be our third, not our fourth. Oh well. We've also gotten a
lunch and some snacks that were fantastic.

Elder Oliverson fell asleep with his backpack on.

Okay, now I have to finish this up. About the plans to come here,
since you asked, I would definitely suggest getting a car and not
taking buses. I mentioned that we shouldn't have many problems with
crime things, but if we take the buses I'm pretty sure we would. I
might be able to talk to a member and get them to let us rent their
car from them or something. I know of some other Elders that have done
that. We'll see. And yeah, we would probably stay in Santa Ana or San
Salvador, since everywhere is pretty close. I could drive from one
side of the mission to the other in less than two hours. And I already
know the roads, so you can leave that all to me. I just need to know
how many days we'd have here, and I can plan the rest. Oh, and Santa
Ana would put us closer to all of the different parts of the mission,
but San Salvador would have way nicer hotels and everything, really,
so I think it would still be worth it to be there. Santa Ana is a
really small city. But we can look into that in the next few months.

Now I'm way out of time, so I'll just talk to you next week? We're
still working on the Skype vs. Call conundrum, so I'll let you know.
Thanks for your emails, and have a great week!

Elder David Arrington

PS: Dad won. Thanks for sending me the picture!

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