Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 24 in the Mission Office

This letter sounds a little more down.  The transition to the new mission president is causing David to have to change lots of things he was already comfortable with.  Particularly Elder Oliverson…  He might need a little cheering up….

Subject:  "THREE murders!" "This is getting serious."

I'm a little bit down right now. I just found out that there is a very, very good chance that next week, when I write, Elder Oliverson will have left the office. That's very unusual and unexpected, since he is not going to have time to train his replacement at all, but President Cordon seems to want to turn absolutely everything in the mission on it's head. I guess that's his choice, and I still think that he's awesome, but these changes are really rough.

This week I spent a lot of time in the office. We thought everything was going to calm down with President Cordon, but everything that we used to do with President Lopez is now changing. So there have been several times where we'll go to the office to, for example, drop off a TV for President, and he asks us to do a few things (by the way, he just told me that he want's me to completely redo the changes board that I spent two and a half weeks straight on (with almost no time to work in my area) just because he doesn't like the old way we did it, which also means I get to deal with how we're going to make his idea work, because it's fairly impossible at this point). Then, while we're working on those, he'll have us do a few more things. And then a few more. On Saturday, that's exactly how it started. We got to the office at 8 to drop off a TV, and just because there were so many things that President Cordon pulled on us at the last minute we were there until after 4. But then we got to go to the temple again, which was fun.

So it was a tough week. And just so you all know, this keyboard is super weird, so I may not write a ton. On Saturday, though, we went to the temple, as I mentioned. We got one of our investigators (that we found last week and had only taught once), Abigail, to go with us, and she loved it. We have also begun to teach the rest of her family, which includes her husband, her brother and his wife, her mom and dad, and her two sisters. At least. We seem to find new investigators every time that we go over there.

The rest of our investigators are at a little bit of a stand-still. However, we did finally get to go teach the mom of this kid in our ward named Mario. She was an old investigator of some old missionaries, and she still wanted to get baptized. So we put a date with her for later this month. She's the first investigator that I've taught in a long time where I really feel like there's nothing between her and the font. Usually we put a date with people and just kind of hope that we can get everything cleared out of the way before then. And it doesn't work normally.

Other than that, I don't feel fantastic. I've been a little bit sick lately, and I'm just having one of those days right now. It happens on the mission.

This may be the shortest email that I have ever sent on P-Day, but as you all should be able to see, it's kind of late. We had to ask President permission to even write right now, and he wasn't hot on the idea. So I've got to get out and get working. Working hard might take my mind off of all of the stuff that seems to have just collapsed. Responsibility is hard. Remind me when I get home not to have any. Life is supposed to be easy, right?

It was fun to hear about the end of baseball. Football should be starting up soon in the next few months, so I can look forward to that I guess. Thanks for always giving me something to read about on P-Day. There are several Elders here that don't get anything from their families a lot of weeks. I'm starting to understand how great of a blessing it is that you all write to me. So thank you for that.

Elder David Arrington

PS: That's sad to hear about Brother Herbert. I don't think I have any council on how to tie my mission into something like that, but what you had going sounds pretty good. Let me know how it goes.

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