Monday, August 23, 2010

David’s Mission Address in El Salvador

David sent the following update later in the afternoon—two in one day!  Actually there was a third as well, but it was simply a request for some music, now that he knows what the rules are there. 

Since this post includes his address, I’ll post it here.  I still don’t get the references to some secret conversation between David and Stacey….

Alright, here´s my mission address:

Misión El Salvador San Salvador Oeste/Belice
Boulevard del Hipódromo #537
Colonia San Benito
Apartado Postal #367
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Make sure that you write the entire thing. Especially write the fourth line. Without that, they´ll have no idea which box to put it in and I likely won´t get it.

Also, there´s really no time restrictions on email, so next week I might get a good one out. This week, though, we have to go buy a bunch of food and such.

One more quick note to you, Stacey: good luck. It´s well hidden in one of today´s three, and you likely won´t know it when you see it.

Sorry for not sending more details. They´ll just have to wait until next week. Thanks again for all your support, and feel free to email me anytime, especially with pictures. I won´t get them until Monday, but hey, I love getting mail!

Elder E. David Arrington

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